Saturday, November 14, 2009

you suck.

it absolutely boggles my mind how you can go from being so so so incredibly in love with someone for three years and then the next day you are perfectly fine with wanting absolutely nothing to do with them ever again. i would be more than happy if adam never contacted me again, after i get the $600 he owes me, that is. honestly. hand to God i want him out of my life completely. i will never look at him the same way again. things start unravelling and holes in stories emerge, lies come to the forefront and the whole relationship feels like a sham.

but rather than spill my love life or lack thereof out on here... or count the ways in which he completely and totally sucks (there are more appropriate places, ie LiveJournal), i'll simply leave it at this... you really think you know someone but their true colors show once you've parted ways.

you can tell a whole whole lot about a person by the way they handle a breakup.

i'm trying my hardest to be classy, dignified, yet tactful. i'm trying to tie up loose ends where they need to be dealt with and i'm trying to move on with my life. many more undesirable obstacles will stand in my way and i'm sure i'll meet my fair share of uber-crappy boyfriends... oh the joys of growing up!

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