Thursday, November 5, 2009

dress up your life!

someone asked me today why i was so dressed up. actually, they asked "what's the occassion?" i replied with a casual "just because. I am the occassion."

we all go through that slump at some point in the year... where sweatshirts become more acceptable than they ever should, we roll out of bed and we're lucky if we manage to look in the mirror before grabbing the car keys. and for a lot of us, including me, it's when the wintertime months roll around. it's almost as if we stop making the effort. BUT WHY?

maybe you broke up with your boyfriend (how we can relate!), maybe you lost your job (stupid economy!), maybe you flunked your econ-midterm (no one enjoys econ anyway)... you're in a funk.

but what we fail to see is how dressing up can improve your mood. so you ditched your dude! big deal! its not like there aren't 3 billion other men on the planet! you flunked that final exam?! exam schexam. it's just one tiny tiny blip on the radar. you will survive all of these things... and if you're gonna survive it, you might as well look good doing it.

wake up tomorrow and put on your best dress. "whats the occasion?" YOU ARE THE OCCASION. wear some funky bright eyeshadow. "what if it doesn't look good?" well, at least you'll know now won't you?! do something you haven't done before. "like what?" put on the fanciest dress you own, curl your hair, curl your lashes, and go the laundromat! go get ice cream! dress up and go to mcdonalds! it doesnt matter what! you don't need an special occasion to live your life extraordinarily... be confident. be bold. why the hell not right?!

it's all about your attitude. it doesn't matter what cards you're dealt in life... it's all about how you choose to play them. you are not a victim. you are the victor. make life abide by YOUR rules for once.

you don't need an excuse to be fabulous. it was built into your system. it's who you are. YOU ARE FABULOUS!

be amazing and be okay with it.

celebrate you!


ps; i think you're amazing!

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