Sunday, November 22, 2009

tshirt contest!

i entered Brickfish's Charlotte Russe's Next Design Star online.. its nothing major.. just design a shirt and if you win you get a trip to NYC and a $750 shopping spree at CR. we all know i could spend $750 at CR fairly quickly. i entered 14 designs i think. none of them are anything special. i just played around in Illustrator for a couple of hours. The reason I didnt submit anything amazing is because if you read the fine print of the Terms of Use, you'll notice that Charlotte Russe owns anything you upload, therefore you give them a license to duplicate, alter, and produce your design even if you don't win.

now, i dont necessarily find this fair.... but that is life. many contests do this so i've refrained from uploading anything i'd like to keep copyright to and produce myself. however, i invite you all to come join and submit a few entries! just be smart about it! most of the competition is undeniably 14-17 years old, and most uses the graphics provided by CR. but its still fun nonetheless.

i just did a few quick illustrations and slapped them on. if you'd like to view my entries and possibly vote, that'd be awesome. i'm not going to beg for votes, i'm just putting it out there. if you think it's worthy of your vote, i'd highly appreciate it. if not, all is well :P

you can view my entries and vote by clicking HERE!

here are a couple i put in...

anyway, have a great sunday night, y'all!


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