Tuesday, November 10, 2009

terrible tuesday.

now now now, dont let the title fool you... today didn't suck by any means, but it definitely was jam packed and stressful. and its not even 6pm! after a WAY too eventful and fun monday night featuring myself, aj (roomie), bryan (roomie), kayla (roomie) and eric (kayla's boyfriend) out on the twinkledeck, it was hard to drag myself from bed at 8:30am for my class at 9. i was 15 minutes late. oops. and i got to jet out for a half hour as i scheduled my spring semester. oh registration day! thats for another time though.

i skipped out on advertising a little early so i could come home and fix myself up. i look a hot mess and a bunch of us are going out to the pond (our local little watering hole dive bar haha) for a few beers and some wii bowling. i always have a blast with them.

still havent thought of a theme for tuesdays yet.. hmm.. but i think wednesdays will be WEDDING WEDNESDAYS! why?! BECAUSE I LOVEEEEEEEEEE WEDDINGS! hehe lots of great photos and such to share with y'all tomorrow!

for now i must get back to painting my face so i can skeeeedaddle and get my wii bowling on! (theres always a 70-something year old woman who PWNS everyone... no really.. you dont even understand.) GRANDMA BE FIERCE!

have a great tuesday! ill update once i get home <3

ps; someone wanna bake this for me?!?!

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