Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i have three mixtapes for you alllll! i still have part 2 to go with part 1 to put up but ill do that soon-ish! some of them may have one or two songs on another album but what can i say? i just like that song apparently :)

it's just one of those days...
(click on title to download)
this is a mix for days when i'm feeling in a funk. kinda down on myself or something so i listen to these tunes, acknowledge what i'm feeling and they manage to lift my spirits. especially 'not your year' by the weepies. thats always been my go-to song! :)

songs that say goodbye
(click on title to download)
post-breakup mix maybe? i dont know.

mello mellow
(click on title to download)
songs that i've recently loved. especially the opening track by yeasayer. so great! i can chill out to these tunes or dance around while driving, etc etc. love love love.

hope you enjoy them!

**had a little mix up on the links with 'songs that say goodbye'! but its been fixed haha so you can now download that album! sorry for the mixup!

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