Saturday, April 23, 2011

Window Shopping + Daydreaming

I like clothes. I won't lie. I don't think they're a necessity for a full and happy life (Well, we have to cover ourselves... but you get what I mean!), but I really really like them. Even more so... I really like shoes. I never thought I'd be a shoe girl. Constantly being asked "Why do you wear the same black flats every single day?" I would just pout off with "I'm not a shoe girl. I don't like shoes. I don't care about shoes." Boy, how the times are changing! It all started with some funky Dolce Vita wedges and then it just snowballed! Dolce Vita, Blowfish and finally... my true (shoe) love... Jeffrey Campbell.

I was browsing around LuLu's today and I couldn't help but peruse the shoe section like a wide-eyed kid in a candy shop. So many beautiful soles... they need to be adopted into my wardrobe! Quickly! Here are my six favorites that I'm drooling over! All but two are JC... sigh. Let's start a "Kaelah needs pretty shoes!" fund, yea? Totally!

1. Nina Sheona Capri Platforms: I think I just love the chunky look of the heel and the bright pink accent straps. The studs on the side toughen up the feminine color and make them just look like ultra rad shoes! I'd wear them with this BB Dakota by Jack Fiona strapless dress! With the Eliza Doolittle Black purse!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Ford Platform Booties: I love the subtle cutout of these booties and that duo-tone brown! They're like the little sister to the famous Litas and they've got a sexy vibe going on. I'd wear them with this Tulle Apricot Preserves dress! With the Melle Bianco Violet Blush Pink handabag!

3. Michael Antonio Studio Mercer Ankle Booties: Hold the phone! Just look at these! I die! Those buckles and subtle tan color... They kill me! That wedge heel is so insane! I'd wear them with this Ophelia's Flowers blush pink dress! With the Material Girl Multi Stripe purse!

4. Jeffrey Campbell Sunny Orange Platform Wedges: The color combination of these are begging to be worn all Spring, Summer and Autumn! Paired with pretty tights or a statement sundress, I can imagine lots of picnics in these babies! I'd wear them with this Sunshine Coffee brown dress! With the Queen Palm beige handbag!

5. Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D Platform Wedges (Cheetah): I already own the Daisy D platforms in Navy+Red Bow and I love them! These are just begging to be brought into my wardrobe! I've been fearful of animal print in the past but these I just need! I'd wear them with this Splendiferous ivory dress! With the Proper Passage Pink tote!

6. Jeffrey Campbell Lana Ankle Boots: I'm obsessed with the curve of the chunky heel on these! The hidden platform and the cut out back heel are just fierce. They're the perfect equilibrium to a ultra swanky and feminine sundress, or even a white sundress with a black studded motorcycle jacket. Oh my stars! I'd wear them with this Dolly's Day Drive red dress! Maybe throw in the Hip Hip Hooray Floral Fanny pack just for fun?!

I mean... my birthday is only 50 weeks away! ;)

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