Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come Sail Away, Cocoapuff.

My dream dress has arrived! I remember first seeing this dress on Pinterest and dying over it! I quickly scoured the source link (Topshop) for my size and much to my dismay they were long gone. Only a size 2 remained! I'm very wary of ordering clothing from the UK simply because I can't even manage to order the correct US size online. Add a few thousand miles worth of transit and returns/exchanges become seemingly impossible. (Yes, I know there's a Topshop in the US.. but it's only in NYC and I don't live there anymore and if you order from (which I did), the items are shipped from the UK still. Bummer!). Anywhoo- I had to have this dress. A lovely lady on Tumblr linked it to me in a UK size 12 (US 8) on Ebay and I scooped it up without any hesitation. It's a little bit in the waist but otherwise it's pure perfection! I am so enamored with the cut, color and style. And the pattern, too!

I've been wearing it quite a bit since receiving it Thursday, I won't lie. I've really been playing my love of nauticals up as of late! It's been really really hot here in Nashville, so you're probably wondering why I'm sporting the cardigan and tights. I tend to live my life indoors during Tennessee summers. They are brutal, at best. Air conditioning is so very my best friend. Still, it's a bit unseasonably warm for early April so I'm hoping the showers coming our way will cool it down some. Until then, my We Love Colors tights are the best and most comfortable tights to be wearing! (I just need to replace these as they seem to have bleach spots on them! Oops!)

Work this weekend was exhausting. I will leave it at that. Our friends Merissa and JT stopped by yesterday to see the place, and Elle and Bryan came by on Thursday evening for a tour and we grabbed some yummy Mexican at RosePepper in East Nashville. I'm looking forward to Bryan coming back over tomorrow night for some quality hang time! I'm also about to dive into fun decorations for Merissa's baby shower next month! So very very very excited to be involved and I just love her (and all the other gals associated!). Ready to welcome that baby in with a Mexican fiesta! I love living so much closer to my favorite people. It's a good thing! xo

Topshop dress
Thrifted belt
Target cardigan
Tights c/o of We Love Colors
Target flats
Canal Street/NYC bag
Forever 21 oversized flower

PS; My hair is much more "ginger" today! I opted for a more natural/orange red and I'm in love! It's from the same supplier on Ebay (epiccosplay) and it's the perfect shade of red I always wished to have! (It's a bit more copper/orange in real life. Hard to see in the photos!) Also- I promise I'm not high in these pictures! I didn't take my Zyrtec today so my allergies are the equivalent of a major world war!

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