Saturday, August 8, 2009

these times...

these times, they are a'changin.

i've had my fair share of friends come and go. who hasn't? and i find it hard to believe that i'm the only one who questions their actions, their decisions, and the lasting repercussions of the prior. i try to not second guess my decisions in the moment, but i, being an Arian woman, am hardheaded, blunt, impulsive, and very very tempermental. what if i acted in a way that was too extreme? my decision to leave kansas loops through my head on the regular. i no longer have that phone number on the speed dial. but that's what i wanted, right? right. i think. sometimes i take things too far just so i can make my point, but in this instance i think my actions were justified. and i stand by them 100%. so now i just ask myself if it's a forever decision. i suppose time will tell.

it's hard to delete someone's number out of your phone when you know it by heart.

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