Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Weekly Horoscope:

Aries (March 21-April 10)

This week offers you play the guardian angel role for a troubled soul in your midst. This person hasn't developed the same spiritual wisdom or emotional resilience that you have. Instead of judging him, be his guide. On Monday and Tuesday, boss him around like a shameless tyrant. (It's for his own good, he's building strength.) Midweek, he'll have sprouted wings--push him to fly on his own. Success! By Friday's full moon, the good karma comes back to you in ways that make you blush. There's a vulnerability that comes along with receiving--just let yourself feel it instead of trying to fight it. People want to give to you Aries, so why deny them? On Sunday, Mercury goes retrograde in your relationship house. Ironing out wrinkles from the past becomes an issue to contend with. If you haven't fully mourned an ex, do so now, so you can clear yourself for a bright new opening that lies ahead.



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