Thursday, July 23, 2009

bicycle bicycle

"i want to ride my bicycle,
i want to ride my bike..."
~ queen

in the age of hipsterdom, bicycles have definitely become cliche... vintage bikes and beach cruisers, especially. however, cliches aside, i do not care. i want one. and i am on a quest to acquire one. preferrably one i can strip down and paint and adorn with a basket on the front. my new home sweet home is less than a mile from campus and the scenery of downtown franklin on the way there is beautiful.
biking is one of my favorite things to do and when i didnt have a bike of my own, i'd settle for biking at the gym (although it never compared). i would do 30 miles a day, 3 or 4 days a week. now when i try to bike, i can get so far as maybe 5 or 7 miles and my butt is numb and my legs ache. getting back to it is much overdue. my first order of business will be to hit up goodwill and our thrift store in downtown franklin. if the two of them prove uncsuccessful, i shall venture elsewhere. wish me luck!


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